My Story


My name is Mariel. I’m your spiritual mentor and Shaman, here to help you break past your blocks, gain clarity, remove what doesn’t belong and restore your SOUL.  

My purpose is to heal, empower and revive your energy at a soul level so you can live your life and be in alignment with your truest self. 

Life is meant to be full of joy. You are meant to be happy, fulfilled and loved unconditionally. There is no time for you to settle for anything less than that!

Throughout our lives, it's easy for us to fall out of alignment, stay in the job for too long, commit to the relationship that doesn't serve us, surround yourself with friends that aren't empowering you but this can all be changed and I can help!

I’ve always been energetically sensitive and I have a deep desire to help people heal. I am on a life-long path of discovery and healing and realized from my core that I am here to help others. It’s my joy in life to be a healer and spiritual mentor, helping as many souls as possible. 

I believe our soul purpose is our sole purpose. And my soul purpose is showing you how to get closer to yours. I believe the world is a better place when we’re moving towards what fulfills us, when we’re doing exactly what makes us feel energized, thriving, and aligned in our heart.

Life is meant to light you up, leave you feeling excited and breathless, not foggy and unclear. Many times, we know we want more out of life, but we feel stuck, unable to listen to what our soul really wants us to do.