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Distance Lightning Healing

30 MINUTES - $75

This is a quick, 30 minute option for anyone who wants to heal, clear or receive guidance in ONE area. We can unblock/clear your energy, receive guidance for something specific in your life and heal any physical pain. * This session is NOT for deep, soul work *


Distance Shamanic Healing

60 MINUTES - $144

Shamanic Healing is a comprehensive experience and a powerful way to change your life for the better. My Shamanic practices highlight honesty with self, heal past trauma and eliminate obstacles to healthy living.

For distance healings, you will call me before the session to discuss your focus and goals. After that, I will call you again after the session to offer you insight and guidance received.

Techniques I may use but are not limited to:

❋ Shamanic Healing

❋ Shamanic Divination: I will connect with my helping spirits to seek advice as requested by my client. You can ask any questions relating to your life (past, present, future)

❋ Extraction Work: This is where we will remove any spiritual intrusions or energies that do not belong in one's energy field or body.

❋ Soul Retrieval: I will located and reintegrate soul parts that have departed from a client due to shock, trauma, loss, accidents, illness or love.

❋ Healing Past Lives

❋ Relationship Clearing

❋ Physical Pain Clearing


Transform Your Soul - 5 pack

5 SESSIONS - $620

Distance or In-Person

Do you feel stuck and unable to break a pattern in your life? Clear any energetic blocks that are holding you back from having a deep, authentic connection to source, your relationships and your SELF. It is possible and it’s easier than you think! 

If you’re at a crossroads in your career, relationship, moving to a new location or just looking for clarity, these sessions will provide you with concrete direction and answers. 

What does a session together look and feel like??

Depending on what you’re going through, we may work on past life clearing, cut karmic chords, clear physical and emotional pain and trauma, download information to give you clarity and direction in your life, soul retrieval, crystal healing, plant medicine

As a result of working together, you will instantly receive guidance, feel lighter, gain clarity, and have the confidence to move forward with peace and freedom.