I have been going through quite a shift in my life lately and naturally I reached out to Mariel for guidance. I am in a place in life where I know I’m ready to take myself to that next level, and my session with Mariel validated that. I never mentioned wanting to leave my job or that I wanted to live a more purposeful life, yet she knew intuitively and was able to guide me through my feelings and provide insight for the next steps. The most amazing part? She is in California and I am in Boston, talk about wow! I was fighting so hard against myself and the life I knew I should be living. After our session I know it is my time. I don’t want to keep trying to fit in a box I don’t belong in. Every fiber of my being is screaming get out, follow your soul, live your purpose and Mariel truly helped me feel confident in my desires.
— Kristyn D, Massachusetts

Working with Mariel is absolutely amazing! I’ve seen a few others with her abilities & no one has really been able to connect with my mom. But Mariel does and it’s been so heartwarming to make that connection through her. Because of Mariel’s guidance, I’ve been able to strengthen my connection to nature and have come to see how therapeutic it is to incorporate its presence into my life! Since working with Mariel, I’ve been able to move forward with my life with less fear and more love! 💕
— Staci S, Pennsylvania
My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness which rocked my world, and our entire family. I reached out to Mariel to give healing and guidance, as I was in a heightened state of anxiety.  After doing a healing session with Mariel I was able to see what blocks causes me to stay in my anxiety. She helped me see what steps would be needed to facilitate a more positive way of dealing with my situation. Another way to cope with what was presented to me during this part of my journey. She was extremely helpful in showing me how to address my situation in a much more positive light. She also gave me encouragement with regard to a few other issues that I had during my session. She is a caring, kind soul, and accurate with her information. I will not hesitate to connect with Mariel again for another session. Thank you.
— Rosemary, Pennsylvania
I am so grateful for my Shamanic healing session with you - though I was very pensive and apprehensive at first.  I was thinking about doing this healing session for a long time before I actually reached out to you. It was time. As the saying goes ”only when you begin to let go, can you allow the possibility of miracles to manifest”. I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as you called me your melodic voice kept me focused and centered and the session itself was interesting, as I felt things change or be different as you worked in the respective areas. As we debrief after the session, I did have an awareness that my soul essence was shifting.  I was extremely tired for two weeks as I was integrating all the healing but right now I feel completely whole (strong, focused, complete). 
I think you are a gifted healer and I will definitely be  in touch for future sessions.
— Zissis, Toronto
I was trying to get over a really hard breakup. I felt confused and in a state of depression. After doing a healing session with Mariel, I felt like a weight had been lifted. She was able to access information I would have NEVER knew! I found out why I had to go through this terrible heartbreak and how it will help me grow in the long run. I can now be at peace with my situation and move on confidently:) Thank you, Mariel!
— Melissa B, California
I’m so, so glad I finally made the call! You’ve exceeded my expectations and I wanna Thank You from the bottom of my heart for going the extra mile and making sure I was good and answering any questions or concerns far after the session. When I called you I was in a funk and not feeling well at all and really needed some guidance and inspiration. You not only helped me with the things I called you for, but went the extra mile and healed my chronic back injury, What A Bonus!!!:) I’m overflowing with gratitude, joy,& appreciation for you and your practice, you are an Angel in human form and I’m blessed to have met you and have you in my life now!!
— Isaac, California